Snorting Adderall

snorting adderallAdderall is an effective stimulant that can be procured under prescription and it has a strong potential of being abused as it can increase the energy and mental stability and focus with an additional capacity to induce pleasurable feel if taken at high doses. This medication is suggested by doctors for treating the trouble of ADHD and narcolepsy. But because of its stimulant property, this mediation is being misused. Adderall consists of the medicinal combination of both Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Also, this Adderall is familiar under among the users under many street names such as “black beauties”, “uppers”, “speed”.

As this medication has high dependence and abuses potential, Adderall is categorized under Schedule II controlled substance. This is available in two effective forms such as IR and ER pills forms. The Immediate Release pills last up to 4 to 6 hours and the Adderall XR lasts for a complete day. Also, it is seen that both theses medication causes addiction, physical dependence, and tolerance in the patient.

Many of the Adderall users use this medication as directed by the physician while others misuse this by taking extra doses than prescribed or taking without Rx. Also, some involved in the practice of snorting, smoking or injecting the medication to attain the high feel on Adderall or to enhance the intense effect of the medication. A habit of snorting is seen most commonly among the college students, most follow this method of administration next to swallowing.

The snorting of this medication can cause serious health troubles like increased body temperature, cardiac troubles, seizures, psychosis, paranoia, and aggression.

The young adults and the adolescents are peaking in the survey of abusing this prescription medication. The young ages abuse this by sharing with friends and family members or buying Adderall from local street dealers without a legal medical script. As this medication increases the concentration and focus and helps in increasing the academic performance of the student’s many college students increasing abuse this medication. However, there is no proper evidence available of improved marks and grades under the recreational use of this medication.

The adverse effect of snorting this Adderall is serious. The most commonly reported health troubles include paranoia, psychosis, seizures, cardiac problems, increased body temperature, aggression, and seizures. This habit of Adderall can also lead to overdosing and thus hastens the intense of addiction.

Specifically, in case of Adderall XR, the abuse potential seems to be high and more intense. By powdering or crushing the medication the mechanism gets tempered, the user may experience the effective feel of consuming high hence they should mind taking this controlled release Adderall over time.

Getting temper with this Adderall medication causes powerful and effective which is dangerous and rapidly pulls the users to the path of addiction.

Why is this habit of snorting Adderall so harmful?

The snorting of Adderall takes the drug quickly to the brain when compared to oral administration. On reaching the brain it increases the effects of the dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters these are responsible for the euphoric effect associated with the medication and other physiological effects.

The snorting of this medication leads to the quick surge of dopamine in the brain than taking Adderall orally. This increases the capacity of developing an addiction. The neurotransmitter named dopamine is the feel-good factor which is released whenever the person involved in healthy activities such as eating. Also, there is a drawback of any drug releases excess of dopamine that induces the rewarding sensation in the human this keeps the user reverts back to the medication when they feel low and distressed. Large varieties of addiction substance are due to the increased release of Dopamine.

Addiction to Adderall is categorized due to the consequent negative consequences. Also, this is linked directly to the physiological dependence.

Dependence develops in a person whenever the person’s body has adapted to Adderall and needs it as mandatory to perform as expected. This trouble exists when the person does not take the medication as directed by the physician or by someone who abuses it. The person if tends to quit using this stimulant they often experience the set of withdrawal symptoms which may make quitting medication completely difficult.

Tolerance is developed under both the circumstances of dependence and addiction. The people snorting this medication becomes tolerant to the effects of this stimulant. This makes them consume more and more of the drug than they actually began.

Hence the habit of snorting Adderall becomes harmful in different ways. In addition, the effects of this medication o the brain cause serious and fatal side effects.

Symptoms of people snorting Adderall

Below are the symptoms noticed in the persons snorting Adderall

  • Changes in the behaviour and mood.
  • Sniffing.
  • Bleeding from nostrils.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Sleep troubles.
  • Appetite changes.
  • Paranoia.
  • Nasal troubles.
  • Enhanced level of irritability, depression or anxiety.

It is important to be aware of the signs of snorting since the abuse of this medication is keep rising for years. In 2006, the number of people abusing this medication is increased to 1.9 million when compared to the past year. The way of abuse may be due to using it without a prescription or using it other the way than prescribed. By the year 2014, the percentage of abused is peaked over 3.8 million than the previous year. And it is reported that the people abusing this medication is between the age group of 18 and 25. this report highlights the abuse capacity among the teens and adults.

This short-term effect of Adderall is similar to that of Cocaine, the risk of this overdose, addiction capacity, and the snorting on long-term can cause enormous dangerous effects. The act of legally prescribing the medication or accessing is a reliable method doesn’t mean the safe of use this medication for recreational activity. It is advisable to seek treatment immediately once detected the symptoms of Adderall addiction.

Seeking help for Adderall addiction

The person trying to find the Adderall addiction help needs to know about the treatment process. There is numerous treatment available for the addition of Adderall.

Detox is suggested in the hospital, health centre, or in any of the detox centre. The ultimate goal of Detox is to eliminate the medication from the body and thereby reducing the harm and other consequences of the withdrawal effects. This serves as the best option for providing beginning recovery that will trigger the relapse by alleviating the symptoms of changes in sleep, appetite, anxiety and severe range of depression.

Getting inpatient treatment in hospitals this allows the individual to get recover from the intense symptoms with therapy and medications that aid as the better solution to some serious symptoms and to treat the coexistence of the mental illness or any other medical disorders. The duration of the treatment may take some duration which the patient needs to be in the hospital. They were aided by reputed doctors, therapist, medical counsellors, nurses, and doctors.

Home-based treatment is similar to hospital-based medical aid, here the addicts can continue to work while on treatment, this may last longer up to 1 to 3 months. This treatment also needs additional activity such as yoga, exercise, therapy and so on. Residential programs are staffed with medical and mental health professionals.

Hospital outpatient is needed without housing and getting therapeutic treatments on a weekly basis based on the health condition and the treatment undergoing and on their personal needs.

The addiction treatment with a stimulant like Adderall include,

The matrix model– This approach includes a variety of treatment mechanism and psychological orientations. This treatment requires the guidance of the therapist to maintain the abstinence from the drugs.

Contingency management- To maintain the abstinence to get rewards for the positive behaviours, that works on the therapeutic style.

Cognitive behavioural therapy– This is related to the person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that help the patient to analyse and recover from the effect of the medication and addiction. This also involves therapy aiding tools to control and change the thoughts, feelings, that promote sobriety. Also, the patient can approach the recovery support people to get rid of the addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous– A unique team for helping get rid of the addiction comprising 12 steps.

Smart recovery– This team of addiction recovery support group helps to gain motivation for recovery and teaches and guides people to cope with the negative thoughts and to get away from it.

Nar-Anon– This team is acting unique for supporting the addiction relief of family members. This comprises of the 12-step process similar to that of Narcotics Anonymous. This works effectively in getting the best solution to get their loved ones free of addiction.

This may be difficult for some person to seek the help of Adderall addiction. You are blessed with an optional solution of treatment placement specialist offering necessary information related to addiction and providing answers on time. Also, you can reach the helpline at 1-888-744-0069.