Refund Policy

We will refund you the entire amount or can provide replacement of the product at free of cost within 14 days after the products have delivered, in case you have,

  • The package is poor, damaged or mutilated condition
  • Have received the order that is been different what you have ordered.

There are other cases where you might be eligible for claiming a refund, that you can refer it below.

If suppose you wish to cancel the order which has been shipped but not yet received the please approach our sales and support team at Adderall online pharmacy. Make sure to inform them of the earliest possible.

The amount will be refunded to the same account from which the payment was made. It may have taken 2-3 business days to clear the process and the amount would reflect in your account.

Who are eligible to get a refund?

  • If you have received a wrong package then you can ask for a reshipment or a refund. The wrong parcel means that it contains the product that you have not ordered or if the package is empty.
  • When you have received damaged, or crushed medication. You would have received the drug that you have ordered however it would not be in a suitable form to be consumed.
  • The medication that you have received might have crossed the expired date. If this happens, it is not possible for you to consume it.

When you face any of these scenarios, you can definitely use this policy. You can call to the customer care team within a period of 10 days after you have received your package. Notify the issue that you are facing so that they can do the needful.

What are not eligible to get a refund?

  • When you did not obtain the parcel because you have registered the incorrect address. If the mistake is done on your side then you have to take responsibility for it. You would not be eligible to get a reshipment for free. You need to pay extra money in order to again ship the package to your place.
  • If you have ordered the wrong medication it might not be possible for you to make use of this policy.
  • When you have claimed for the reshipment or refund after 10 days of time.

How to get a refund?

Initially, we would try to reship the parcel to your desired location provided you are eligible to make use of the policy. Only when there is out of stock or any issue where we are not able to reship the pills we would go about doing the refund.

It is very easy to raise a ticket. You have to call or send an email to the customer care team. The representative would check on the issue. It might take again 1 to 3 business days to reship the needed package to your location.

If you demand a refund then it would be done within few weeks of time. The money would be refunded to the account that you have given information about. We would not refund the money to another account which is not registered.