Privacy Policy has set maintaining customer’s privacy as our number one priority work. So hereby we are letting all our customers know what type of personal information that we collect when they made a Purchase of Adderall from our online pharmacy and how we actually use it and added what type of actions that we take to protect any user’s privacy.

The main intent of privacy policy is that we would be collecting the personal information such as email address, phone number, name, shipping address and payment card details etc. The purpose of collecting those details is for help us to identify the person and governs for the transaction of the medication. We are concerned with collecting the person’s information henceforth we have the secure network where our IT professionals are working round the clock.

The not only privacy we obliged to be transparent to our customer in terms of using and safeguarding their information.

By reading this privacy policy, the user can get to know the detailed explanation and reason why we are collecting personal information. We would use your personal details to properly communicate with you and complete the assigned services by you in the more quick way.

Collection of personal information

If you are going to get medication from our online pharmacy, then you have to make an online registration with us on our website. In this registration process, we would ask you to provide us your personal, non-personal sometimes maybe your medical information. While filling these online registration form, you need to give your personal details, we also require your contact number, your personal email ID, and your residential Address. After the purchase, during the billing process, we would ask your shipping address. If you are going to use your residential address or the address that you gave us at the time of registration then this is not necessary. If not, you have to fill out the destination address to where the products need to be delivered. If you send any information regarding product like reviews or newsletter, we will use that information and ensure the security of the information and added we will take care with respect to our privacy policy of

Use of Cookies

The user behavior like, clicking any link, time of your visit, a day when you are browsing, referral or entry page, navigating to any blogs, adding a product to cart, checking out the products and exiting the page, will be monitored. We actually monitor all the user’s behaviors for two reasons. 1) For security 2) Track your behavior by that we will improve our services. Tracking your behaviors actually help us to know your requirements and expectations.

Disclosing Personal Information

We have taken many steps to restrict the personal information that we are providing with us on our website. We sometimes disclose your details to third parties for successfully complete your request like fast delivery. assures that your information will not be shared unless it is required for others.

User Rights

You are allowed to have the e-copy of our privacy policy and terms of using our online pharmacies. You can even request an online copy of our policies to us through email. We will send an attachment to the same email address of yours. It is your right to know about the personal information that we collect from you on this website. You can also request us to send you the copy of the document which has your collected personal details. We are protecting your personal information from being hacked or misused by various encryption technologies. But from your end, you have to make sure that you never share the financial details, credit and debit card details online. If you lose or anyone have misused that information, we don’t hold any responsibility for that.


The contents which published on our website are the result of research by our content team hence it is not an ethical way to reuse the same content to any other site. We do try hard to provide actual and accurate information about the products health benefits but things will get change day by day. It is sure we update the content in a regular manner but it takes some time to completely research the facts. All the information related to health and products are written by healthcare experts who are licensed under federal laws to provide health advice to people.

We own complete rights to block or deny accessing our website information to a specific individual through IP address, location, and domain. All this might change periodically but it will be valid until we update our privacy policy and terms of use.

This site is striving for taking the necessary measure to protect the privacy of the person. It is very important that you should not misuse the details of the person on this site.