Our team

Welcome to Adderall Online pharmacy! It is popularly known for Adderall discount pharmacy. We are happy to let you know who we are and what we do. We are a licensed pharmacy and recently listed as top sellers of Adderall. We sell high-quality Adderall online to customers with discounts to save them from financial burden.

You are welcome to meet our team to know us even more.

– Managers

Managers at Adderall online pharmacy have been striving very hard to retain and gain new customers through our quality services. Our managers will always look for the best to reach the customers. That is the reason they have to build a dedicated team to handle specific work to meet our objectives in an efficient manner. “Our objective is customer satisfaction”.

– Our Technical Staff

Our technical staff will be responsible for updating information like price, offers, blogs and etc., in this pharmacy website. All the information has been given to help a user to gain knowledge on buying as well as using Adderall. They are also responsible for securing customer privacy by updating security portals periodically in our online portal.

– Customer team

Adderall online pharmacy has very strong customer support team to assist you instantly. They will be ready to answer your calls during office opening hours. If you want immediate assistance you can make use of Live Chat options. All your emails to admin@adderallonlinepharmacy.com will be replied within 4 – 5 hours. Our customer team is well trained. Most of your chats will be answered by Our Operational Head: Addison Wilson

– Dispatching team

As we have multiple dispensing units across the world we have more than 25 members in dispatching a team to handle and organize the process in a timely manner.

Overall Dispatching Head: Stew Judex

– Shippers

We don’t have our own dedicated shippers as we have shared hands with topmost express shipping firms in USA, UK, Canada and worldwide. We have 3 members on our team to manage the shipping process and make sure every order had been received by our customers.

– Assistance

Assistance team will be divided into two groups.

  • The research team will check for quality of medications and check the expiry details of the medication that we are going to dispense it to our customers.
  • Online orders receiving a team. All your orders that are receiving via online will be handled by more than 35 employees.

With these dedicated team so far, we have 1544 regular customer who is ordering this medication monthly basis from us. On average we receive 50 – 70 orders from new customers. Day by day our customers are getting increased so as our team to manage all these customers in the right manner.