Does generic Adderall work as well as the Adderall brand?


Research proves that generic Adderall works just like branded drugs after undergone many clinical trials. There was no evidence that brand medications work better than generic pills yet the active ingredient is the same in both the drugs.

Some people even mention that they have found Amphetamine work better for them. This could be as a result of the fact that they have been branded medication tolerant and it might not work well on them. In that case, generic might work better.

Hence, one must try and check, if branded works better for them or generic is just as fine as brand Adderall. There are a number of generic manufacturers and one can try different generic brands to check for, which one works best.

What is branded Adderall and how are they different from generic Adderall?

Adderall Brand name is the drug that a branded company produce medicine with a licensed patent. This means that the combination of the drug or medicine that the company is using, will not be and cannot be used by any other drug manufacturing company. To ensure a patent, a drug manufacturing branded company has to spend a great deal of money. Undoubtedly, this excessive pricing is reflected in the branded Adderall price. Due to quality reasons as well as the patent and brand reasons, the price of brand medication is high.

Generic Amphetamine, just like the brand pill, has the same active ingredients in them. The only difference is that the fillers or the inactive ingredients of this generic version of the medication vary from that of the brand pill. The generic form can be manufactured by a generic medicine manufacturer, only when the patent of the brand medicine for ADHD has been expired.

When to take Generic Adderall

If you cannot afford branded one, you can certainly switch to the generic version. The medical insurances often do not cover the branded drugs. Even if they do, the co-pay is limited and hence, is not enough for buying brand medication. Consequently, they have to take resort to buy adderall in the generic version.

When it comes to the difference between the branded and the generic medication for ADHD, most users, who have switched from using the branded ones to the generic ones, mention –

  • The branded medication works better. Even a smaller dosage is more active than a higher dosage of the generic form.
  • The inactive ingredients of generic medicine have a number of side effects on the body in many cases. They control the metabolism of the body.

However, this a very case sensitive matter of question. Whether brand works better than generic Adderall or not, depends entirely on the person, who takes it.