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International Prepaid Cards

What are they/How do they work?What are International prepaid cards and how do they actually work?

You should be paying through electronic check account, if you do not have either VISA or MasterCard with you.

In such situations, you may opt to get a VISA/ MasterCard Prepaid card that is internationally accepted to make the payment.

What is the procedure to get one?

You can easily find these cards in all local general stores or any wholesale stores like,

  • The Kroger Co.,
  • CostCo
  • Wallmart
  • The Home Depot

And lots more…

Alternatively, you can also get a virtual prepaid VISA/ MasterCard from vendors like,

You can read on more information about top brands in International virtual card arena.

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Fair Mobile Number Usage Policy

Visa Card/Master Card:

A bank has an authority to decline a particular transaction for the multiple numbers of reasons such as:

  • Credit Card Details that is provided by the user might have entered wrong numbers or information.
  • Your card is unable to open for international transactions or the respected Bank might find it is too risky to make the transaction.
  • The insufficient sum of funds in your account.

These are the reasons and that is why we are here in this position to reach you on the right time to your number provided by you to notify about the issue and find a resolution as soon as possible, thereby the order will be shipped within the right time frame.

The mobile number which is requested from you will be used only for getting the clear payment declaration.

If the number that is provided by you during the registration is same as the number given while filling the payment method, then it will be easy for to call you and inform about the details regarding your order such as payment, shipment, and other processes. If the number that is provided by you is different then the first number given at the time registration of your account with us, will be the one used for every other communication between you and us. The number you provided while making your order will be used in case if there is a problem in processing your card.



For electronic checks, the confirmation from the bank of the billing amount is compulsory, due to this reason, it is must for you to provide us with a number using which the Bank can reach you quickly without any delay. If the process delays, then it would end up in delaying with the shipping of the order. If the number given during the registration of the account on our website is same as the number provided while filling the payment method, then we may contact you to provide the details regarding the order such as shipment and other.

If the number provided for registration and payment are different, then the number that you provide at the first during registration will be used for every other communication that would be conducted by you and us. The other number will be used only at the time if there is an issue in processing your E-Check. This phone number if different from the number provided during the time of registration can be used for the communication while shipping

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What to do when you are newly diagnosed with ADD & ADHD

adhd and medication

ADD and ADHD is the most common but troublesome disorder diagnosed in peoples inappropriate to the age. This disorder can be treated and cured completely with no defects. Also if the disorder was detected in the early stage it will be much easier and can be treated soon. Both medication and therapies will serve as the best remedy for people diagnosed newly with ADHD and ADD. But all this treatments and therapies should be undertaken as per the doctor’s guidelines.

As there were thousands of medications available over the counter it is not advised to get into such treatment. Even if you are diagnosed on the early stage of the disorder it always needs to seek the doctors advise to avoid the trouble of getting and increasing the chances of side effects.

Know more about the ADHD and ADD.

Once you come to know that you are having ADD or ADHD then search for articles and websites to know more about the disorder. If you are one then you are on the right platform. Similarly, you can see other related searches such as about the treatments available to treat this disease. However the diagnosis of this very difficult but once your physician is confirmed with the positive changes of having this then you will be given treatments based on the level of disorder.

The emotions are the major part of the disorder hence apart from getting the medical treatment it is necessary for the one to get the best remedy from their close ones such as family friends spouse and children. If taken much care and taken medications correctly as directed by the physician then this will best effective. The duration gap between the pills should be maintained properly. Also, the brand and generic medication can be same if any adverse reaction to taking any of these reach the doctor immediately with no delay.

Know more about the medication and treatment

Once you have prescribed the medication, it is necessary to know about the medication and its effectiveness. At the very beginning of the treatment, you will be prescribed with adderall, an ADHD medication, with the initial smaller dosage and the respective dosage should be maintained at the level prescribed by the doctor. The interaction of the medication, and the interaction of all diseases and the existing disorders and interaction should be known before getting into the treatment.

If the ADHD or ADD trouble was detected in children then the parent should take this effort to know about the medication and other related details. Also, the possibilities of the adverse effect of the medication should be known. And other related information about the medication will help you get the best treatment.

Also, you can check for the availability of therapies in addition to medications. You can refer them and aid them to get immediate and best relief from the health hazard. And the patients with ADD and ADHD should be given healthy diet and good sleep. This will help them regularize the metabolism.

Good sleep with regular yoga and meditation

The patient should have a regular sleep of 8 hours with no distraction. The patient should avoid using mobile phones and other electronic gadgets with them. They should have a regularized sleep every day. Also, yoga and meditation will help them attain the calm state. This will help them hold their temper and can control their presence of mind. Also, this will help them reduce easy distraction from things. Also, this will help you reduce getting sudden phobia. The family and friends can support them by being with them and spending happy hours with them. Developing a new hobby can help you get best results. As doing stuff of activity will boost your mental stability and enhance your creative thinking.

Knowing the cause of the problem will help you get good results. Hence the family and your people can support you come out of the trouble. If the origin of the cause was at the home say your personal problems may lead to ADD or ADHD. Then you can get the best counseling from the experts. Many such personal reasons can also lead to this kind of disorders in life. Like the death of the closer people or loved ones, failure in love or wedding, any problems at work and breakups can be the reason for your mood upset and ADD or ADHD. The long-term of anxiety and depression may lead to this trouble and be lonely can also cause you this. hence know the reason for the problem and solve it from the root cause.

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More and More Students Taking Adderall

taking adderall

People do say that when you are at the university or college, you are going to exhaust in doing hard work to achieve, you will utilize your weekdays for studying more at the same time you will fit in all manner with the social engagement, and on the weekend, you will keep doing much of the same thing.

However, to most of the students, it will be little difficult to balance both the study time and the private life at the same time. Also, it does not take too much to partying and socializing for you which would result in disenchanted from your studies or reducing your mental capacity to do so.

This is one of the main reason for the dramatic increase on the number of students in college or university are now taking Adderall to clear their mind and helps in keeping them in a mental state where they will give full concentration and is able to observe everything that is being taught to them.

Adderall has become the number one study aid or a smart drug in the market, as it is also referred with students mostly, and that might be the drug of what you are thinking to use which will help you to concentrate more in classes. If you are the one who is thinking of using Adderall, then hope you will be interested in knowing that it is an off the shelf drug, which means one can buy Adderall without the need for a prescription.

But there is one thing that requires your attention is that there will be a small number of side effects you might experience when you are taking Adderall, and by keeping that in mind we would suggest that anyone who is taking and using this medication should have to be familiarized with those side effects in such a way they would know what to watch out for.

If you wish to place your order of Adderall at any time while you are going through the information on our web site, such a way you can click on and can follow any of the links that are available on that page and then you will be directed to our online ordering site from where you will be able to order more or less quantity of Adderall as per your requirement, the minimum quantity of order that you can purchase is one single month’s supply, however you can also make purchase of Adderall more than this supply if you want to order as per you want.

We have provided you with different payment methods and such that we do accept most of the currencies within your payment options and we are very much able to deliver the package to most addresses anywhere in the world, you can check on the delivery times that have been provided at the ordering section on our website, which we hope you will find it useful.

We also have made the re-shipment facility for Adderall as simple as possible and it is the hassle-free procedure. Using the facility given on the website, you will be able to reorder your supply at any time, but it is always a better option to place several months’ worth order at the same time.

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Adderall Toxicity in Dogs

adderall toxicity in dogs

Adderall is a medication which is prescribed to human to treat their anxiety problems. It belongs to the class of Amphetamine that also includes some of the illegal drugs like crystal meth. If you are ingesting this medication to your dog, it would cause a serious condition which requires an immediate statement. Some of the symptoms of toxicity can range from vomiting, diarrhea, some other more severe disorders such as aggression, seizures, and raising heart rate.

If you do not monitor your dog ingesting Adderall, and you are not sure about the toxicity and its effects that your dog has been experiencing, then it is just that your dog should have to be diagnosed. The treatment for this will include hospitalization, medicine administering, intravenous fluids, and decontamination. Prognosis of recovery will completely depend on how your dog reacts to the given treatment and the amount Adderall that your dog has been ingested with.

If your dog has been ingested with any amount of Adderall, then it must require an immediate medical emergency. Take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Adderall Toxicity in Dogs

Some of the symptoms that would be caused to the dogs due to Adderall toxicity may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Drooling
  2. Vomiting
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Panting
  5. Agitation
  6. Aggression
  7. Sedation
  8. Hypertension
  9. Tremors
  10. Seizures
  11. Raising heart rate

These symptoms of your dog might vary depending on how much amount he has been ingested and his sensitivity and ability to control the medication.


Adderall Toxicity can range from moderate to severe. Adderall belongs to the class of Amphetamine and it is used for different types of medical conditions and also for illegal reasons. The prescribed ADD or ADHD are some of the legal forms of this medication, whereas Crystal Meth and Ecstasy are the illegal forms of drugs belongs to this classification.

Causes of Adderall Toxicity in Dogs

Amphetamines cause over-stimulation in the nervous system when it is absorbed by the body. Your dog’s body system which is typically affected by the toxic of Adderall that would include the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular systems, nervous system, and respiratory disorder. If your dog has poisoned by the toxic of Adderall, then as a result of him being curious and will get to use people’s medications.

Diagnosis of Adderall Toxicity in Dogs

Once you have taken your dog to the veterinarian, he would perform diagnosis on your dog. The doctor will take good care of your dog’s vitals and will check for the awareness or any sensitivity in his body. The veterinarian will also collect and go through all the dog’s previous medical history from you. The doctor would want to know the cause of the symptoms and when it has started and how they have been progressed. If you know anything about how the dog gets ingested with Adderall toxicity or even if you suspect that he did, you must tell to the doctor as it would be helpful in treating your dog’s situation.

If you find that your dog is chewing on a bottle of medication before any symptoms occur, then it will be better if you bring the medication with you when you are taking your dog to the veterinarian. This will help them to know about the cause and how to treat your dog with the right dosage and the required pills and such a way the doctor will be able, to begin with, the treatment as soon as possible. If you do not know what medication that your dog ate, no problem, you just bring him to the hospital immediately.

If your veterinarian does not know what medication has caused the sickness to the dog, then they will begin with diagnosing with blood and some other additional testing on the dog will be done. Urine will be collected for urinalysis which helps to know the information about your dog’s kidney and bladder and the blood test will provide the complete blood count (CBC) on your dog and the chemistry panel would provide you with the working condition of your dog’s organs.

Dogs that have been affected by the toxic of Adderall medication will have a high urine specific gravity which is the symptom of having Myoglobinuria. Blood testing will help to know about the indication on your dog whether it is experiencing any disseminated intravascular coagulopathy. It will also help to indicate renal failure or hypoglycemia whether your dog has been experiencing it.

Additional tests may also be taken which includes the checking of electrolyte levels and the acid-base status present in your dog’s body. The presence of Amphetamine medication can be found in the urine, saliva, and blood of your dog. Based on the symptoms that your dog experiences, the doctor would perform further diagnostics if needed.

Treatment of Adderall Toxicity in Dogs

If your dog is experiencing any of the symptoms caused due to Adderall toxicity, it is necessary to seek immediate medical attention to him. Decontamination is the ideal case for toxicity. If it is not late, then the veterinarian will attempt to induce vomiting so as to get over with the drugs in his system. If it fails, then the doctor would provide an activated charcoal or some other absorbents to prevent the receptors within the dog’s body to get bind with the drugs.

Your dog will need your care and support until the drugs leave his system completely. It requires a hospitalization of your pet to provide treatment and monitoring his situation in person. An intravenous catheter will be placed on one of his front legs to administer with intravenous fluids to him as soon as possible. This fluid will help in correcting any degree of dehydration that your dog is experiencing and also helps to correct any imbalance of electrolyte. These fluids will support renal function of your dog and it flushes the toxin present in his system quickly.

If your dog is suffering from severe hyperthermia, the intravenous fluids inside him will cool his body temperature. Keeping your dog in a place which is cool enough with fans and giving him baths using cool water will help to reduce hyperthermia. If your dog’s body temperature is still high and has been elevated for too long, then it might lead to some of the serious symptoms and health conditions.

To avoid stimulus and to minimize the activity level of your dog, it is better to keep him in a quiet place. Keeping your dog in a calm presence will help him to stay standing and prevent him from accidentally hurting himself leading to tremors, seizures or severe sedation. Depending on the symptoms that your dog has been experiencing, the veterinarian will administer the medication along with the required dosage. Additional medications will be given by the doctor if it is necessarily required by your dog.

Recovery of Adderall Toxicity in Dogs

Your dog’s prognosis of recovery depends on the amount of Adderall toxicity has been ingested into his system, which means the severity of his toxicity. It might delay the progress of recovery of your dog. It is better to seek immediate medical attention once your dog has been ingested with the medication; how sooner you get your pet to the veterinarian will give higher chances of him getting recovered soon. It is always better if you follow that, prevention is better than cure, such a way prevention of your dog from experiencing such toxicity in the first place. Make sure that you keep all your medications on the upper storage at your home so that your dog cannot be able to reach those drugs, even when he stands on his hind legs.

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Adderall And Weed

Adderall And Weed

Millions of people in the United States diagnosed with ADHD/ADD disorder, and coping with this condition will be a challenging role for the people especially who work or study in a place where the concentration and focus are necessary. However, numerous medications are available in the market to ailing the people from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but Adderall and weed also known as Marijuana are the top on the list.

The connection between Adderall and weed is both the drugs used for the treatment of ADHD. In other terms, they used to increase the concentration towards work or study and other activities. As a result, high school and college going students are using Adderall to enhance their performance in order to score good marks on tests and the same students using or consuming Marijuana (Weed) products as well.

As per belief, the high Weed has been accomplished better than utilizing either alone. In like manner, some adolescents are taking Adderall as recommended by their health care specialists, and they likewise utilize cannabis in conjunction with, or even rather than, their stimulant drug. There are not very many associates surveyed ponders that have analyzed the long haul impacts of joining these two medications, however regardless of that, proof exists that their consolidated utilize could be dangerous in a few circumstances. Read below and find the connections and other facts of Adderall and weed.

Is it safe to combine Adderall and weed?

It’s most likely not extraordinary for your heart to smoke weed when the Adderall start to react in your system, but unless you heart-related disorders, a combination of these two will not cause a high problem. Even it causes Paranoia, most of the people taking ADHD meds and weed in order to get away from the side effects of the drugs. And the side effects or medication symptoms include Loss of carving, anxiety, stomachaches, inconvenience in sleeping or lack of sleep, and nausea.

Some people use weed along with Adderall to get enough sleep after a long day or night. In fact, Adderall and weed are certainly as safe as combining the ADHD drug with other prescription-only pills which used for relaxation or sleep such as Ambien, Xanax, and Klonopin. Moreover, Weed is much safer when compared to alcohol so no need to worry about it.

Can weed treat ADHD as like Adderall?

Over the last few years, there has been more episodic proof and review information along with that a couple of research also concentrates to help the claim that weed can cope the people who with ADHD symptoms.

This implies that weed and Adderall may separate as people with ADHD in medical condition and adults reported that use of Cannabis or Marijuana increased their concentrations, and also lessened their impulsivity, hyperactivity, irritability as well as other symptoms of ADHD.

Effects of Weed and Adderall in the Brain

Adderall is usually prescribed for the treatment of ADHD but it is schedule II controlled substance so individuals have to use the drug as recommended by their healthcare professionals.

In general, people with ADHD have a lower amount of dopamine in the brain. Adderall works by increasing the amount of dopamine and other chemicals in the brain; it increases the focus ability. The drug should be used with caution or else it can cause some fatal damages especially when you use the drug illicitly.

Weed prescribed for many medical conditions including ADHD, whilst this article, 23 states have legalized marijuana for medical use, but that does not mean that the drug is safe. And it works in a similar way as like Adderall medication.

Research states that individuals with ADD/ADHD had expanded levels of anandamide and adaption of THC in the body. The increased level of anandamide will cause reduction of dopamine in the brain. The weed certainly works in the brain by supplementing THC with ECS in order to activate dopamine neurons and build dopamine concentration.

Which is safer Adderall or Weed?

The U.S. Food and administration clarifies that Adderall is much safer when compared to Weed because Adderall is a schedule II drug whereas Weed is a schedule I substance. Which indicates that the Schedule I substance has no medical value than that of schedule II substance according to the Controlled Substance Act.

However, Adderall medication consists of more long-term terms and they are worse than Marijuana. Some of the long-term effects include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Heart-related disorders such as heart attack or increased heartbeat
  • Tremors
  • Depression
  • Inability to focus or concentrate
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Pain attacks

Take your pills documentary says that the abuse of Adderall medication is predominately high in the U.S, but it dominated by the growth of the opioid epidemic. As per 2011 research report, the U.S alone possesses almost 50 million stimulant remedies.

How to replace Adderall with Weed

These days, Marijuana has been proposed as a substitute or alternative therapy for the condition of ADHD. People have had success with marijuana oils and tinctures, edibles, THC pills and other products hence it is hard for you to find the perfect dosage as well as the mode of consumption. Adderall as well as Weed have a complicated relationship however people started to use marijuana or cannabis for their ADHD condition moreover research also accepted that weed has the potential to cure ADHD.

While the documented evidence for this ADHD condition is scant and various experts also trust that the available pre-clinical trial information is sufficient to further up the treatment with Marijuana or support prescribing weed for ADHD patients. But Weed also accompanied with certain side effects: the long-term as well as short-term adverse effects. With that in mind, individuals have to consult their healthcare professionals before starting to take either Adderall or Weed for their condition. Moreover, sometimes taking wrong dose or misuse of these medications can oppose the treatment hence consult your doctor in order to make sure that Adderall and Weed options are safe for your health or not.

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Adderall Vs Ritalin: Everything you need to know

adderall vs ritalin

Adderall and Ritalin are the two well-known medication used in the treatment of ADHD. Though both these medications are involved in the unique treatment there exists a lot of difference in them. Both these drugs are psychostimulant used widely and effectively. However, they both are manufactured by different manufacturers. Also, the side effects, withdrawal symptoms, dependence, addictive nature and off-label uses will vary. Now let’s have a look at these things in brief.

Legal status

Both Adderall and Ritalin as a psychostimulant are classified as the prescription medication. And the legality is approved in different geographic locations. When compared to Adderall availability, Ritalin is available in wide range. Whereas Adderall can be bought in US and Canada. And Ritalin can be purchased from US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. However, the consumers getting either of this medication can only buy this under the valid prescription.

Available forms and administration

Both the medications are available as the tablet and in XR capsule. Ritalin is also available in extended-release tablets and capsules. Which the user can choose accordingly. The administration of these medication involves a way. However, they are administered in additional methods too. The Ritalin is available as a Transdermal way of application and oral intake of tablets. Adderall can be taken orally and in certain medical conditions it is given intravenously and insufflate at times.

Manufacturers and available brands

Both these psychostimulant medications are manufactured by different leading pharma industries. Which has been approved and verified under several laws to procure medications worldwide? Shire is the leading manufacturer of Adderall marketing in US and Canada. They are the suppliers of the dealers in these countries. And Novartis is being the manufacturer of Ritalin marketing this medication in countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia. They are the leading producer of Ritalin which is been retailed in a genuine and effective way.

Adderall having Amphetamine salt such as Dextroamphetamine and Levoamphetamine as its active ingredient is sold under this respective brand name. Also, this generic active ingredient is available in other trade names such as Adderall XR. Similarly, Ritalin has the active ingredient of Methylphenidate is marketed under different trade names. Hence the consumer can make a purchase of this same component under all this labels Concerta, Methylin.

Restriction to use this medication

There exist few restriction factors that need to be taken in care before opting for this medication. If any such contraindications pretend the patients are warned with the adverse effects of using this medication.

The patient who is pregnant and breastfeeding are prohibited from taking Adderall and those are taken MAOI on the alongside should stay away from this medication. Similarly, the patient taking Tricyclic antidepressant and MAOI should not take Ritalin as this will harm in many aspects. Certain medical conditions such as arrhythmia, hypertension, and liver damage and other hepatic disorder should not get treated Ritalin also the pregnant and nursing mothers should not take this medication.

Hence the patient on reaching the doctor should report the trouble in advance and if any such trouble due to the adverse effects of this conditions occurred. They are advised to reach out as soon as possible. Hence the doctor will prescribe with any of the alternative dosage or alternate medications.

Addiction and dependence liability

These psychostimulant medications possess addictive nature and thus the medication should be taken as per the medical recommendation of dosage. And if the person is addicted to Adderall or Ritalin will develop severe dependence. Thus, the reversal of dependence should have opted with care.

The Addiction of Adderall needs more care when compared to Ritalin. The people should slowly reduce the dosage before stopping abruptly. And the dependence liability of the patient is high in Adderall and compared to Ritalin. Hence care should be taken in attempting to the withdrawal treatment.

Off-label uses

Both these medications are used off-label rather than using as a psychostimulant. Adderall is used for other treatment by prescribing alone or along with other medication. Such medical treatments involve Depression, obesity, sleep cycle disorders. Also, Ritalin is used for a similar process like depression, Lethargy, obesity.

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Adderall Weight Loss

Numerous peoples are looking to reduce weight in fast and easiest ways. Do you know about Adderall prescription medication? It is one of the best medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactive disorder and narcolepsy. People who take Adderall medication can reduce weight yet you can try this medication to shed your few pounds.

Adderall consists of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine and these substances are termed as stimulant drugs that influence the brain chemicals. You might use this medication for weight reduction yet use this medicine when your physician recommended to you. Let know some of the information about Adderall weight loss.

Adderall Abuse for Weight Loss

Misuse of Adderall for weight loss is true. Loss of appetite and weight loss are the possible adverse reactions of Adderall usage. These side effects commonly occur in both children and adults who use this medication. However, the Department of Food and Drugs Administration has not approved for the treatment of weight loss. This medication is only approved for ADHD and Narcolepsy treatment.

Although, your specialist might recommend Adderall off-label to enable you to shed few pounds. “Off-label” implies the utilization of the medication has not been reviewed or validated by the department of FDA. You should just utilize this pill as a weight loss aid if your physician has recommended it to you. It’s essential for your physician to screen you to ensure the medication is safe and efficient for you.

Adderall can cause severe adverse effects, which is a justifiable reason not to abuse it to reduce some weight. Some of the possible adverse effects of Adderall while taking for medical conditions are listed below:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Anorexia
  • A headache
  • High blood pressure

People who have heart diseases might lead to high risks when they are especially used Adderall medication. Even your doctor might not prescribe this medication for your anxiety or narcolepsy problem in case if you have heart defects as this can increase the danger to your health conditions.

Health Warnings

The FDA Department provide a boxed warning to the Adderall medication hence it is considered to be the most serious cautions. The statement provided by them is that Adderall might cause a high risk of tendency, which implies that you can turn out to be mentally and physically addicted to it. Also, the cautionary urges that Adderall can cause severe side effects such as heart issues and immediate downfall.

Weight reduction in youngsters

Possible adverse reactions of Adderall use in youngsters who take the drug to treat ADHD is lead to slowed growth and weight loss.

As per the report of 2014 study, stimulant use in youngsters with ADHD was connected with slower growth in BMI(Body Mass Index). Youngsters who utilized stimulants for the treatment of their ADHD disorder had a lesser BMI. Although that appeared to change in later years. Youngsters who took stimulants appeared to put on more weight than the individuals who did not utilize the medications at all.

Suppose if your youngster takes Adderall and you’re worried about weight reduction or decreased appetite, then get the consultation from your doctor. They can answer your queries and give you direction on consuming fewer calories.

If necessary, the physician might recommend you to an enlisted dietitian for more particular care. Getting assistance from these healthcare specialists, you can deal with your youngster’s diet and it will help them to eat well and keep a solid weight.

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Adderall Withdrawal

adderall withdrawalAdderall is a medication which consists of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. This medication is prescribed for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD) and Narcolepsy.

The drug manages ADHD and narcolepsy condition effectively due to the prescription stimulants and makes the users stay alert and focused. This ADHD medication is commonly abused by most of the people who use it without the adderall prescription. Some people would take this medicine in large quantity than prescribed to attain more effectiveness. And this medicine is popular among the college students and they believe that the medication increases their learning performance hence most of the college students start utilizing this medication.

Adderall enhances the levels of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that is essential in the process of reward, attention, and pleasure. When somebody takes the medication relevantly, the expansion in dopamine is gradual and enhances his or her ability to focus. In any case, when the drug is taken in dosages over those prescribed, is snorted or crushed, or injected by blended with water, the dopamine amount in the brain quickly increases and prompts euphoria.

After some time, an individual who abuses the medication can create resilience to it and require progressively higher dosages to accomplish the euphoric impacts. Taking higher doses for longer time period can prompt physical dependence and withdrawal side effects when an individual stop utilizing the medicine abruptly.

Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms

Side effects of withdrawal from Adderall or different stimulants can start whenever from hours or days after the last utilize. These indications may vary depending upon the individual and their own history of utilizing Adderall. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms are listed below:

  • Insomnia, a sleeping disorder
  • Increased appetite
  • Loss of memory
  • Anxiety
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Depression
  • Drug cravings
  • Loss of interest in sexual desire
  • Paranoia
  • Irritability

These side effects are termed as acute withdrawal and it can be usually resolved within 1-2 weeks. Moreover, people who recover from stimulant abuse might also suffer from post-acute withdrawal syndrome(PAWS). Withdrawal side effects can endure for months or years long after the medicine has left over the body in the case of post-acute withdrawal syndrome. The PAWS causes are not predicted surely, but the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal syndrome are thought to reflect enduring changes in the brain determinant by the drug abuse. Still there is no medical therapy for PAWS, however, people in recovery ought to know that these side effects are not permanent and those symptoms can be treated medically.

Treating Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms with Medications

Right now, there are no medicines approved for the side effects of Adderall withdrawal.

  • Provigil is considered to be an effective medication for the treatment of amphetamine withdrawal symptoms.
  • Sometimes benzodiazepines are utilized to manage the irritability and agitation at the time of Adderall withdrawal. But they should be taken under the supervision of the doctor and used in small quantities in order to avoid the addiction problem. Moreover, benzodiazepines are prescribed to be given for just one week.
  • Mirtazapine has shown its efficiency during the treatment of Amphetamine withdrawal side effects. But it is not approved medically for these symptoms.

If somebody recurrence on Adderall while taking antidepressants, there might be a response amongst Adderall and the antidepressants, prompting a condition called serotonin disorder, which can be treated rapidly.

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Adderall Abuse

adderall abuseAdderall pills are prescribed for treating different kinds of treatment like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and used by children to increase the concentration in studying and learn new things easily. This medication primarily works as a central nervous system stimulant which helps to increase the brain activity.

When this medication is taken properly with proper prescription then you can avoid abuse or misuse of the medication.

Adderall abuse can occur in different ways

There are certain things that lead to Adderall abuse like

  • Taking the medication in a wrong way like snorting or inhaling.
  • Taking multiple doses at the same time or consuming higher dose.
  • Consuming the pills more often than scheduled.
  • Taking the pills without consulting the Doctor i.e., consuming someone’s drug.
  • Buying the medication in an illegal way.
  • Taking the medicine for other purposes than it is intended to use like stay awake for night studies.

There are many such things can occur due to abuse of Adderall. Continuation of this abuse can lead to addiction to the drug which can extremely result in full dependent on the medication.

Side effects

It is proven that the Adderall pills can cause side effects in a different range from moderate to adverse. One of the reasons for this side effects is abuse or misuse of the medication. Some of the commonly occurring negative symptoms are

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Hoarseness
  • A headache
  • Irregular breathing or shortness of breathing
  • Dry mouth
  • Changes in sexual interest
  • Feeling tired or restless
  • Constipation

When Adderall abuse is continued for a long-term period or taking higher doses of the drug can end up in dangerous side effects which can be a life threating one too.

  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Blurred or change in vision
  • Allegation or weakness in legs and arms
  • Paranoia
  • Chest pain or high blood pressure
  • Mania
  • Blistering or tanning of skin tone
  • Itches, rashes or hives
  • Seizures

It does not matter what kind of symptoms or severity of problem you are undergoing it is always safe to consult the Doctor in the initial stage of the problem. Leaving the symptoms aside can lead to worsening the case.

Adderall Abuse Results

When Adderall pills are abused for a long-term effect then it can lead to severe side effects than expected. Some of the results of this Adderall abuse are

Tolerance, this is the initial stage of abuse where your body starts to take the medication in a higher amount. Once you become higher with the medication then it is impossible to restart the drug from the initial stage.

Dependence, this is an effect that makes your body to depend completely on the drug and when the drug is not taken then it can lead to abnormal activities in the body functioning.

Addiction, this is an act of fully dependent on the drug and taking it abnormally though you face the negative symptoms of the medication. When this addiction level is higher the recovery standard is also higher.

People who take the drug in higher dose or taking multiple doses at the same time for a long time period can result in cardiovascular problems and other health issues.

Keep in mind that Adderall abuse cannot be found in the initial stage, it takes time to show up. In case, if you are facing any problem or side effects with the drug then recover from it as soon as possible by consulting the Doctor. If you are unable to go to the doctor you can also consult an online doctor from a reputed adderall online pharmacy. Also, it is not recommended to abruptly stop the usage or intake of the medication as it can result in withdrawal symptoms. If you want to stop taking the pills then gradually decrease the dose and get away from the treatment.