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Adderall and Alcohol


The combination of Adderall and alcohol will cause serious side effects to the patients. It is always recommended to avoid using Adderall and alcohol together. The patients with ADHD should not take alcohol as it may enhance the intensity of the trouble. But when seen in the middle age peoples it becomes a common practice of combining these drugs and worsen their effects. Now let us deep dive into the real cause of alcohol and Adderall.

Abusing Adderall with alcohol

Adderall is a well-known stimulant used to treat the trouble of ADHD in human. And as everyone knows alcohol is a depressant that slows down the heartbeat and breathing. When taken together the stimulant and depressant will react simultaneously. This will not neutralize the effect but will be started competing in the same instance hence this causes irregular heart rate, enhanced blood pressure, increase in body temperature.

Both these drugs react by depicting the effect of the other. The medicine significantly affects the depressant activity of alcohol which can slow down the heartbeat and breathing. Hence this decreases the repressive activity of the drink. Simultaneously alcohol on reaction with Adderall will increase the effect of euphoria caused by the drug. By enhancing the euphoric effect, the patient undergoes changes which leads to the aggressive behavior. Also, it is seen that frequent addiction to alcohol with this medication will worsen the ADHD trouble and thereby the severity of adverse effects will increase.

Common side effects of alcohol and Adderall

The patient subjecting to the combined effect of Adderall and the drink are peculiar to some common adverse effects and most of them are concerned with the activity of the brain. Such problems associated with the brain are, self-control, difficulty in thinking, attention deficiency, impulsivity, frequent distraction, difficult to concentrate, unable to focus.

It is evidently proved that Adderall significant affects some of the neurotransmitters in the brain. Dopamine and norepinephrine are the two feel-good neurons in the brain. This medication affects those chemicals thereby influencing your mood changes.

It is seen that when alcohol is combined the dopamine levels are decreased. Hence this adversely increases the ADHD effect. This is the main reason why doctors recommend people not to take alcohol along with Adderall.

Taking Adderall as directed

These stimulant drugs are categorized under controlled substance hence the report from the doctor should be followed strictly.  After the doctor approval, you can buy adderall to treat your problem. Also, it has increased addiction capability. This is the main cause which tends many people to take Adderall for the recreational activity. And abusing percentage is also increased. This will tend to increase when combined with another abusing drug such as alcohol. Hence it is strictly advised to prohibit the combined use of these drugs. Take the dosage as directed by the physician. The level and duration of the treatment should be taken into consideration as it should be exceeded than suggested. If any symptoms persist in abusing or overdosing with alcohol then reach the doctor immediately. Action taken in prior will help you get rid of worsening of the adverse effects. The doctor will suggest you the better solution by either altering your habit or by prescribing you alternate dosage or medication to overcome the health effects.